Changing the Culture since 1986

The Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company is an arts organisation that is run by and for people with learning difficulties.


Short blurb about our resources.


The Lawnmowers A Dead Good Life

A film on healthy ageing for people with learning disabilities. – Added Aug 2019

The Lawnmowers Make Theatre (14 mins)

Our creative model & changing attitudes – Theatre for Change – LD Artist, audience, practitioner impact & review of MIST show (due for release March 2019) – Link updated Aug 2019

CHAT (7 mins)

Theatre for Change – awareness training using theatre – University Lecturer and graduate impact.

About Us (4 min excerpt of 1 hr film)

Beneficiary artist impact

The Making of a Fool (7 mins)

“Being laughed at or laughing with us?” Commedia Del’Arte, comedy, mask – Young People – artistic impact.

Strong Voices Young People’s Regional Project (4 mins)

young people, artist peer and role models – schools and YP festival impact.

Other Film Appearances

Brilliant Britain – (7 mins)

Lottery funding and the impact of the arts starring Lawnmowers (theatre as a tool, rhythm as expression).

The Eden Project – (1 min, 39secs)

Lawnmowers host the national “The Great Big Walk” – Eden, Lottery and Jo Cox Foundation – Beneficiary impact.

London Olympics – (4mins)

Cultural Olympiad international exchange with Brazil – theatre and music – artistic – theatre and performance.

Arts Council England – (4 mins)

Great Art for Everyone (Lawnmowers project is highlighted in this national strategy film).

Changing the Culture

Registered in England & Wales              Charity No: 1084229                            Company No: 3995521

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